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When should we use dynamic SQL

When Should We Use Dynamic SQL?

A comparison between static SQL vs dynamic SQL shows us pretty clearly that, if there exists a choice, we are better off choosing static SQL. So, when should we use dynamic SQL?

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Static SQL vs Dynamic SQL

Static SQL vs Dynamic SQL: Which to use?

Some questions do not have definitive answers. "Is a full table scan bad? Should this design be denormalized? Will partitioning this table help?" The answers vary widely depending on the specifics on the problem. Fortunately, "Should I use static SQL or dynamic SQL?" is not one of those questions.

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Check if an Element Exists in a Collection

The Smart Way to Check if an Element Exists in a Collection

When you need to find out if a specific element exists in a collection or not, how do you go about it? Do you loop through the list till you find the value? If that’s what you do, this post is for you.

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Oracle schema record count

Find Number of Rows in Each Table in a Schema

How will you find out the number of rows in each table in a schema in Oracle? Here are two approaches with their pros and cons.

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Reset a Sequence in Oracle

How to Reset a Sequence in Oracle

Oracle does not a have ready-made command to restart a sequence. There is no direct way to do this: But I have a simple workaround to share with you. This article gives you a script to restart a sequence, explains how it works and shows you a test run with a sample sequence.

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