Delete Old Data from Database Schema

How to Delete Old Data from the Entire Schema

We may want to slim down a database schema, pruning old data from all tables, for a number of reasons. Let’s say to set up the test environment for a data migration project, a replica of the legacy database schema has been created. The legacy database schema has millions of records spanning multiple years, but […]

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Alter Table Add Table Column at Specific Position

How to Add Table Column at Specific Position

In a perfect world, the database design is firm and final before development starts. But we do not live in a perfect world – changes can and do happen. You forgot a column in a table, or your client has a change request – for various reasons, you may find that you need to add […]

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Create Table as SELECT (CTAS)

What is CTAS?

You have probably heard other DBAs/developers and websites talk about creating a table through "CTAS". Does that leave you befuddled? There’s a very simple explanation to that acronym – read on!

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