Oracle interview tips, from resume writing to facing an in-person interview.

PL/SQL Signature

What is the Signature of a PLSQL Program?

In interviews for PLSQL developers, I usually ask a question of the form: If you write a procedure to do <specific operation>, what will be the signature of such a procedure? In response, the developer often veers off into describing the logic/body of the procedure, which is not what was asked. If you’re among those […]

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Oracle Interview Tips

7 Surefire Tips to Ace your Interview

Presenting for you the third article in the series on interviews. Earlier in the series: tips to make your resume stand out, and the fallacy of memorizing interview questions. Your resume has made it to the shortlist and you’ve got that precious interview call. You’re excited and nervous and eager to sail through. How can […]

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How to Create an Awesome Résumé

How to Create an Awesome Résumé: Eight Golden Rules

We’ve seen the pointlessness of memorizing answers to interview questions, earlier in the series on interviews. In this article, we have for you 8 gleaming tips to give your résumé a facelift and get you that valuable interview call. Your résumé is your sales pitch, your chance to make an impact in the brief time […]

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Interview Questions

The Fallacy of Interview Questions

A series of posts about Oracle interviews starts with this article. “Interview Questions” is a hot topic on many Oracle forums. Job aspirants want these questions to be listed down, emailed to them, complete with model answers. Some imagine that by learning answers to such questions, they will land a job, though they have not […]

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