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Range Interval Partitioning

Oracle 11G brought with it a beautiful new twist to range partitioning – the ability to create partitions on-the-fly rather than having to pre-create all partitions. Hello interval partitioning.

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Oracle 11G Total Recall

Oracle Total Recall for Tracking History

Oracle 11g Flashback Data Archive (Oracle Total Recall), essentially meant as a DBA tool to recover from logical corruptions and human errors, can be put to good use for another standard requirement in applications. Most applications need an audit trail or history of changes for important entities – say, the trail of changes to customer’s […]

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10 Important Lessons in Data Modeling

Are you building the database for a custom OLTP application starting from scratch, with the business requirements as only initial input? No matter what the size, domain or location of your project, the following lessons will help to ensure that your physical data modeling process is smooth and that you end up with a database […]

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